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Felines Shed Fur and Purr

The Truth About Cats and Kittens

Felines Shed Fur and Purr and Other Expert Observations of a Former Dog Loyalist About Cats and Kittens takes a humorous look at the world of cat ownership. It is a book for all animal lovers.

The author, Paula Hines Lonergan, openly admits to be a life-long dog lover. But, when her husband brought a kitten to her in the middle of the night, upon finding out the cat had been thrown out of someone's car, a love affair began. Granted, love affair wasn't immediate. She also finds on occasion when the cat does something it shouldn't, love diminishes to just plain like. But, overall she feels cats are truly delightful animals to have and to be around.

In Felines Shed Fur and Purr, there are some very important details you will learn:

--When you have a cat, what is the one thing you never want to leave home without?

--What is the best way to get a cat to come to you.

--How to distinguish which cats to play with and which ones to avoid.

Paula has learned the most fascinating things about cats. Both cat owners and non-cat owners will laugh out loud at the commentary of this "cat expert.”

Paula Hines Lonergan is the author of two other books A Titan of a Man - A Coach of the Famous ’71 Titans Who Inspired Generations of Young People and Babies Dribble and Drool and Other Expert Observations of a Non-Parent About Kids and Parenting.

Felines Shed Fur and Purr is her third book and the second in her Expert Observations series. In it she offers her own interesting and humorous perspective on cats, kittens, and their owners.

ISBN 0-9743957-2-2